Gravel drives and driveways

Gravel path
Gravel path
Gravel driveway
Gravel driveway

Gravel drive

Gravel drives
Gravel – 10mm and 6mm options

Gravel has long been a natural solution for drives, it drains well and creates a dramatic impact on your property.

  • Superb drainage
  • Traditional style
  • Can be blended with existing drives and paths
  • Can be used together with block paving
  • Different colours and sizes of gravel

Gravel refers to small stones, generally 5-30mm in diameter, that may be angular or rounded. Angular gravels are usually sourced from quarries, a by-product of the crushing processes, whereas rounded gravels are from a fluvial source, such as an old river bed, beaches, and channel dredging. Gravels can be of almost any colour, depending on the parent rock type, or even a multi-coloured blend.


Gravel drives may require occasional racking depending on vehicle use.

We recommend spraying with a weedkiller once a year or as needed.

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